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Time for INIZI: Fine jewellery meets keen fashion sense

It’s time women had more choices when it comes to jewellery. Women want quality fine fashion jewellery. But they also want jewellery pieces that are fashionable and have a strong sense of design.

More choices are available now. Discover our latest collection of beautiful luxury pieces. Inspired by a basic form that exists everywhere, Curves—The Paris Collection celebrates beauty in minimalism, sensuality, fluidity, energy and movement.

Four of our lovely pieces were selected by Paris designer and trendspotter Elizabeth Leriche for Precious Gallery, a special exhibit at Bijorhca Paris showcasing the must-haves and trends for the next season.

INIZI’s Curves—The Paris Collection, launched at Bijorhca Paris, a premier international jewellery trade show (4 – 7 September 2015) is now available at our online store at www.inizijewellery.com.

And while you’re browsing our e-store, take a look at our other collections.