About blackfrangipani

CEO-Designer of Blackfrangipani Pte Ltd

blackfrangipani is the artistic and creative expression of designer Christina Lim. She has always been in love with all things beautiful and feminine and is madly passionate about designing and producing jewellery pieces.

“I love art and I love fashion. I love to travel and I enjoy a good cup of coffee. But one of the things I love doing most is to create my own fashion pieces,” says Christina.

She began designing jewellery as a means for self expression and finding balance in her hectic work life. Before long, this creative outlet turned into a passion.

Her designs are stylish and fun, with a touch of sexy femininity and bold individuality.

“My pieces are designed to be timeless, always in fashion. And they are also designed to be versatile. You can wear them day or night; from work to play; and you can reach for them day after day.

“My creations start with an inspiration and an idea. I let the inspiration and ideas flow and lead me. My inspiration comes from anything that catches my eye and excites me; and this is expressed in my final design and palette. Each piece is meticulously designed to lend texture, detail and movement.”

Christina started blackfrangipani some years ago, designing, handcrafting and selling one-of-a-kind Victorian hand-beaded necklace purses through online shopping sites as well as blackfrangipani’s own website.

The range of products expanded to include glass beads and crystal bracelets and necklaces, as well as a limited line of handbags made from the pages of magazines. Christina is a bit of a recycling fanatic and has even made totes out of plastic shopping bags.

INIZI is an extension of blackfrangipani. It is the beginning of a new direction with a range of fine fashion designer jewellery.