Our Brand

INIZI—brand by blackfrangipani

INIZI is a new line of fine fashion designer jewellery designed and made by blackfrangipani. We use only top-quality materials—sterling silver, gemstones, pearls and fine handcrafted Venetian glass beads from the Venetian island of Murano.

The INIZI brand of luxury designer jewellery are for women who are discerning about what they want—gorgeous designs in top-quality products; finely crafted and highly wearable.

Our designs reflect the many facets of your personality, with a versatility that matches your lifestyle. Often, they are a fetchingly creative mix of casual and hip, elegance and sophistication—and more. And always captivating.

At INIZI, it’s all about fine fashion designer jewellery for who you are.

What INIZI Means

INIZI is the Italian word for “beginnings”.

Beginnings are the start of something; something new or fresh.

A relationship comes to mind. Or a journey, an adventure, a new day, an important next step.

Beginnings are full of promises and opportunities; of life and living; optimism and hope; challenges and change; wonder and discovery.

We embrace all that Inizi means; and all that it suggests.

For us too, the name reflects the start of a new line of jewellery; and the sparking of design ideas and creativity which are the beginnings of every piece of fine fashion designer jewellery that is INIZI.

For you … and your beginnings